Newbie-TL-WR703N successor

Hi everybody.
I need a wireless AP in order to connect wirelessly to a wired LAN, usef to configuring/commissioning other devices.
It should be small, cheap, not so performant, USB or battery powered, newer as the device I own.
It should possibly support SIM card or so, to have internet and static IP wired LAN access at same time.
It should of course support openWRT.
Thanks for any hint, Danilo

GL.inet offers a couple of devices that would fall into that category.

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Mango seems good..
Thank you very much!!!

The wireless chip isn't that good on the Mango. Look at the ar300m16 shadow

Thanks for your answer.
I' m never so far from what I configure, all that I need is not to be linked by LAN cable outdoor.
If Mango chip covers 20 m it works just fine for me.
It looks also more sturdy without external antennas.
I hope you didn' mean wireless problems apart from lesser coverage.
Thanks again

Mango uses mediatek chip which is not that well supported. You can get the version of ar300 without the antenna exactly the same size box in black

Just seen, it seems perfect for my needs. Thanks again