Newbie Firewall Questions

Im just getting aquainted with firewalls and I was wondering if there are any guides on properly setting up firewalls to block other countries from scanning my network?

I have an Archer A7 and a slate router. I plan on connecting IoT devices to my A7 and then connecting my Slate router behind a diffrent subnet and connecting my computer and Mycloud device to that.

A7 is connected to a public network with a different subnet basicaly im using it as an AP. I dont want anyone on the public network to be able to access my router. I also plan on setup up various IoT devices and wanted to configure them so they cannot phone home or access anything other than the required connections for them to work properly.

Since I don't know much about firewalls I was just going to reset my Slate router to factory settings and then copy over all the rules over to my A7 but I would like to

Well, that's the default settings anyway.

That will depend on what they are and what they need. If in doubt of what services they need to connect to, you should refer to their manual or manufacture technical support.

But as far as OpenWrt is concerned, ideally you would create a different VLAN and WiFi network for them, with a separate firewall zone, which you would configure it to block them from accessing your home network and restrict access to internet. You could search the Wiki for info about guest network, or search the forum for guest or IoT network.


Ok thank you. I’ll look into it.