Newbie confused! (TP-link CPE 210 v1.1)

Hello! I'm new to all this and I'm trying to understand it. I'm stuck. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. My problem is this... I have a TP-link CPE 210 v1.1. After a lot of searching and reading I found out that lede works on that hardware. So I flashed the factory image through the archives here. I used putty to login. Everything fine so far. I want to install LuCi so I can have a web based access to the configuration. So I use the opkg update command but there my problems start. I returns "opkg update failed to download wget returned 4". Note that I have the access point connected on my router. and I'm connected wirelessly to my router. Ip settings are as follows: Router IP:, CPE210 (lede firmware) IP:, My laptop IP: (The firmware I'm using is this : lede-ar71xx-generic-cpe210-220-v1-squashfs-factory)

See and report back if it helps.

Wget error 4 usually means in practice that you have somehow invalid network settings. The routing or DNS settings are faulty and you do not get proper internet connectivity.

You did not really explain how your network topology and DNS settings exactly are (and which device you call "router" and "access point"), so this advice is rather generic:

  • make sure that your LEDE device (or the other device) does not have 192.168.1.X subnet in both WAN and LAN side.
  • make sure that the innermost device has sensible DNS & gateway settings. If it has a fixed IP, make sure that you define the DNS and gateway properly. The exact settings will depend on how you have configure DHCP servers in both devices etc.

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If that's a single port device, AFAIK by default it's configured as LAN port and not WAN, so you wouldn't have internet connectivity by default.

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