New x86_64 device Roqos rc150

Roqos rc150 vpn travel router

CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C3558 @ 2.20GHz
SSD: 64gb
RAM: 8gb
wifi: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11bgnac
cellular: Sierra Wireless EM7455

front of device

backside of front panel

topdown of motherboard



wifi card

cellular card


Additional Packages needed for wifi to function:

additional packages needed for cellular:


This one:


Not your average home/travel router, I suppose :wink:

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Depends on your requirements I guess, 8/64GB will have you covered, and the
LTE 7455 for redundancy is an extra plus, IMHO.

Additional mPCIe slot (I think) and SATA connector available, along with a 2nd SIM slot.
Only downside are the USB 2.0 ports, I would have liked USB3.

It's is another Lanner device btw.

While the previous generation (roqos core rc10) might have been closer to travel size (not really, but closer, more compact, internal wifi antennas), this still seems to compare well against modern high-end wireless routers in terms of size (performance, features)

Agreed @frollic and @slh
Did not want to derail the original post.

You're / We're discussing the device, no harm done, imho.

hi, and the price was? quick ebay search shows 150 -750 usd which is weird, otherwise looks promising. thanks for heads up.

It's $150 on eBay, I received an alert about the seller letting it go for $125, but you have to add $25 in S&H.

OP never replied, when I asked about price in Router for MATE ROV (underwater robot) shore controls box - #7 by frollic


Oh sorry

It was $187.41 after tax and shipping to santa cruz California

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If i take the roqos stickers off the front and back, do you think the LOM port is functional?
The ethernet jack is there as you can see from the back of front panel picture i posted

No idea, depends on if the underlying chip/electronics are there, but the port
isn't displayed on the official photos from Roqos.

If you read the Lanner user manual, it describes J15/the long black slot (?) to
the left, by the fan, as LOM.
Is it populated, or is it just a ribbon cable connector ?

Or play stupid, and send an email to Roqos :wink:

several questions :

  1. why add ath9k packages for an ath10k card ?
  2. what is the extra slot for ? The one near the SATA port. It seems to be the same as the 4G card.
  3. the slots left to the LEDs are for sim cards ?

Because he didn't pay attention in the other thread :wink:

Did you read the spec and manual at the Lanner site ?

Probably, two are mentioned in the Lanner spec.

Nope, I didn't read it. I'm just asking for general purpose as I have never seen such features in a PC.

Well, it's not a use at home device, per se, or at least not the target for the product.

You can see the jack is there in this picture

I thought
@frollic said it might be needed for wifi n functionality
In another thread but they replied to you saying i didn't pay attention so i guess its not needed

I will edit my origional post to add these details

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Yeah, the statement was based on the assumtion there was a n radio in there too, as in the RC10.

Im not high enough trust level to be able to edit my original post