New User: Try to configure Telekom VLAN on WRT1200AC


I'm trying to switch from dd-wrt on my Linksys WRT1200AC.
As I am familiar to the dd-wrt webinterface I have a lot of problems. Tutorials found in internet always refer to Devices > Switches in the WebGui - but this menu item is not shown.

So I can only work via terminal and edit /etc/config/interfaces

Can anybody help how to build up this for me?
As my ISP is Telekom with VLAN-tagging 7 there are some things to configure - but i haven't found a working solution.

Thanks a lot!

Could you please specify your requirements more precisely?
Do you need the following?:

  1. To change firmware on your WRT1200AC router from DD-Wrt to OpenWrt.
  2. After point 1, to create VLAN ID 7 on the OpenWrt router.
  3. To set tagged any free ethernet port on WRT1200AC device with VLAN ID 7.
    Is that correct? Or you already did it?

Does it mean that everything works fine for your dd-wrt configuration right now (you have internet on WRT1200AC from your ISP), and you just need to migrate to OpenWrt firmware in order to have more flexibility, and you're asking assistance with this config migration to OpenWrt?


If you have OpenWrt v.21.0x or higher, it uses new DSA architecture, hence configuration steps are changed a bit. See explanation details in this video: (start from 13:37)

You should be able to use wan.7 in your wan configuration with PPPoE, something like (untested):

config interface 'wan'
        option proto 'pppoe'
        option ipv6 '1'
        option device 'wan.7'
        option username ''
        option password 'pass'

config interface 'wan6'
        option device '@wan'
        option proto 'dhcpv6'

(by default, on the NBG platform, DTAG doesn't verify username/ password, so the above (or anything else) should already work - unless you explicitly enabled credential checks in your ISP dashboard; but DTAG likes to 'forget' that explicit setting).