New TP-LINK Router: TL-WR949N(BR) Ver 5.0 - Please Identify

As in response to @jwoods, I tried wr949n_tp_recovery.bin and wr949nv5_tp_recovery.bin. I tried to guess it since there is no official web page for this variation on the tplink website just yet.

Since the Brazilian web site I saw advertised it as a WR940N/949N... might try flashing the Brazilian version firmware for the WR940N v5.

Hi, guys, specially @Cereal-Killa !
Did you have success on flashing the router ?
I'm having the same issue, hope someone can help me flash my WR949N (Brazil)

The router belonged to a friend and I decided not to try it just to be safe...

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The file name for TFTP recovery, only can be "tp_recovery.bin", this is the error, your file is ****_tp_recovery.bin, never will be work.

Has anyone managed to run Openwrt on WR949N either the 940N version or a custom built for 949N via TFTP or Serial ?

You can use the TL-WR940n V5 firmware:::
Note: I am not responsible for any damage to your router, do it at your own risk.------------------------------------------

I tested installing the wr940n v5 firmware on a wr-949n v5 ( interface in the update firmware option.. Note:
in this case you use wr940nv5_br_3_17_1_up_boot (161124) .bin without changing the name
by Tftpd also works..

recommend using this firmware stable:


I recommend you install by Tftpd,
creates a folder with the name tp-link firmware and this file inside the zip wr940nv5_br_3_17_1_up_boot (161124) .bin you throw in that folder :: firmware tp-link
after that, change the name to wr940nv5_tp_recovery.bin
go to the ethernet settings, select the adapter settings, click on the adapter you use as the network card, properties, tcp / ipv4 protocol, properties again.
use the following ip address
IP address:
Sub mask:
after that open Tftpd as a browser administrator select the tp-link firmware folder with just this file wr940nv5_tp_recovery.bin go to the log option,Server interface select, turn off the wr-949n router and turn on with Reset Button and Wps Button
together and wait for the process to be completed and see in the log if the firmware has been installed.
recommend that after step-by-step reset the settings to factory.

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Just install these firmware on wr949n:

for openwrt, you can install via the web interface:

Note: Only install openwrt after installing the wr940n v5 firmware.

if you want to go back to the original firmware after installing openwrt, just use Tftpd and follow the step by step above .. any question just ask .. you can install the tp-link tl-wr940 v5 firmware .. i made these steps worked. If you do everything right and the router is not turned off during the process, it will work.
Note: I am not responsible for any damage to your router, do it at your own risk.

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turn on with Reset Button and Wps Button
together until you finish the process in the log Tftpd