New to Fibre Broadband!

Hi everyone.

Hopefully someone can help. I've got 21.02 on a BT HomeHub 5, and have previously been using the DSL modem no problem, love OpenWRT, thanks Developers xx

Now I have OpenReach Fibre installed, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the red WAN port working. The switch and ports 1-4 work fine with a static internal IP, but the WAN port is connected to my Optical Network Terminal, and has PPPoE authentication on it, with the right username and password. but nothing.

The install is pretty much default, I've only removed WAN6 on LUCI as my ISP doesn't support IPv6 yet. The Switch is on VLAN eth0.1, and the WAN port on the switch to VLAN eth0.2.

VLAN 1 is set to use ports 0 1 2 4 6t, and VLAN2 uses ports 5 6t.

Any advice hugely appreciated, Thanks,


If you are using an Openreach modem/ONT, refer to section 7.5 and 9.2 of the installation guide
ie. For 21.02 or earlier, you need to choose interface called 'eth0.2' which you appear to have done?

fyi, you can check whether the red WAN port is working by configuring the it for 'DHCP' instead of 'PPPoE', then plug it into LAN port of any spare/redundant router, to see if it acquires an IP address which should be visible in the Luci->Network->interface menu.

ps. if you have anything significantly faster than 80/20mb FTTP, you may find the HH5a won't be able to deliver full fibre download speeds.

Thanks Bill, got it sorted. Appriciate you taking the time to reply and for the tip about the speeds, I'm about to test it out, I've got 900mbps down and 150mbps up. I might be in a pickle then, but will give it a go. I've got a lovely router board to put in eventually, but that needs a PI CM4 compute module, which are a bit like rocking horse s**t at the moment!!!

900/150 MBit/s is far beyond the bthub5's abilities, RPi4 is one option, but there are more.

Especially in the US or UK you can often find some of those rather cheap (it's much harder to find cheap ones on the continent).

The cr25wing is very cheap on eBay in UK.

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