New to AR750s and confused!

As a happy OpenWRT user on a TP-link router for years, I've just bought a glinet AR750s, assuming (incorrectly!) that installation on glinet devices was relatively easy.

It won't let me upgrade via the steps on (the LuCi interface complains that it's the wrong firmware) and I'm having trouble understanding the instructions on

Is there a downloadable firmware image I can flash via LuCI? Do I need to follow some sort of de-brick process, and if so which one? Do I need to make a custom-built firmware image? I'm not aversed to using a terminal, TFTP, bootloader etc. (I have previously de-bricked a different GLINET router via serial...) but currently I'm confused even about what image to use. I don't get the whole NAND vs. NOR firmware thing (is there a choice? or does my router support one and not the other?)

If someone can explain this in simple terms, that would be amazing! Thanks in advance.

download this image:

and flash it with de-brick method:

then fix your config for internet connectivity:


vi /etc/config/network

option dns ''  
option gateway '192.168.1.X'

and install luci (if needed):

opkg update
opkg install luci-openssl

Thank you so much - that did the trick.

Worth adding a link to this thread on the Wiki page?

you asked for an "explanation in simple terms" and this worked, but information in the wiki should be a little more detailed i guess.

some user reported successful flash with stable image from gl.inet interface, others reported image not accepted, also for snapshot image. so don't really know which procedure is really the right one.

you can always contribute and add this to the wiki if you think is useful.

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