New setup with just 1 OpenWrt router

Hi all

I need your help to decide which setup to buy and to check if my concept is feasible.
I have an FTTH connection (with VOIP), and I'd like to only have 1 router (for now at least) flashed with OpenWRT and without the ISP router.
My idea is to buy an ONT, then connect directly to the router WAN port and enjoy its connectivity.
The problem comes with the VOIP side of things, as I never configured a VOIP before.
Reading the wiki I see that openWRT have some VOIP compatibility, but I'd like to be sure that I have understood everything correctly.
My current idea is to buy a Fritz!Box 7590 (I know that it is currently not supported by OpenWRT) or, yet even better, the newest Fritz!Box 7590 Ax (I think that it will be supported after the release of the 7590, since they share most of the their hardware).
My questions is: can I just plug in the phone to the analog port and configure the VOIP deamon? Are there any special parameters that I have to ask my ISP for?

Sorry for these noob questions, and I hope you will help me understand this better :slight_smile:


So, your plan is to use a router not supported by OpenWrt...?

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No :slight_smile:
My idea is to get that router when/if it will be supported, yes (or please suggest me a model of your choice). But my question was more general, like "can I just plug in a phone in the analog port and condifure a the voip service? Or is there more that I should be aware?"

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You first need a supported router, with supported analog ports, and then install and configure some PBX software (like Asterisk).

This is not trivial nor risk-free.

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Can you suggest one of these routers? Thanks a lot!

It's often simpler to get a SIP phone. Usually VoIP would just live on a separate VLAN. Who's your ISP?

It is also possible to use an AVM Fritz!Box exclusively as SIP pbx/ ATA and DECT base (not using its modem, routing or wireless features), behind another (OpenWrt-) router in IPoE mode - even jailed into a dedicated VLAN if you'd like to. Any low-end one (as long as it still gets active security support) with DECT and a TAE-6F port would do for this purpose (starting with, e.g., the non-AX 7530).