New router + AP for new internet connection

Hi there, I just terminated my Vodafone VDSL contract (50 down / 10 up) because the speed dropped to about 2 down every evening and Vodafone couldn’t fix it. So far I had a Draytek Vigor 130 VDSL-modem in bridge mode and an Archer C7 with Lede. The Archer dialed via PPoE.
I ordered cable now with 120 down and 8 up (:man_facepalming:). I’ll be getting a crappy provider modem-wifi-router which I plan to put into bridge mode so I don’t have to put up with it. Getting a cable modem is kind of out of the question right now, because I would need one with EuroDOCSIS and they are rare (or as crappy as the one from the provider) and it is still difficult getting them activated with the German cable providers.
My plan then is the cable router in bridge mode then a router and an AC access point for better coverage than the Archer C7. I was thinking about an Edgerouter X and a Unifi AP AC lite, because both seem to have good OpenWRT support. But I could also go with a conventional wifi router. I want to be future proof for faster cable speeds down the line and the Edgerouter X seems to be capable. How are your experiences with both devices? Or do you think I should go with one device instead?