New Release : Universal Python Library for interfacing GPIO Pins

Just Completed Writing my first python Package. Which is a Python Library for interfacing GPIO Pins on Linux based Routers, Network Devices, and embedded devices like Raspberry pi and OpenWRT based Routers.
This Package is also Released on PyPi.

This Library Enables the coders to port the code from different systems for their IoT Projects without needing to change their code. The Library even works with IP cameras and Wi-Fi Routers with GPIO Pin on their board.

Looking forward to hearing from the community.
Hope Everyone Likes my Work!!
Harsh Singhvi
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I have tested this on my OpenWRT RPi3 Setup. I made a flask app to turn relays on and off from API calls.

Then Thereafter I am running homebridge on a separate computer that gives me the ability to control those relays using Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

Thank you for posting. I tried using it using the pin numbers as they're in the bash script but that led to a series of errors. I used it on OrangePi. Does that mean the library uses different pin numbers than the OS?

Thank you for the Feedback.
Yes, the Library uses the same pin numbers.
and I have also found that the Pins Numbers from the Raspian OS worked the same on my RPi3 With OpenWRT as well.

I will be soon adding the Diagnostics and Pin Discovery module to the library. It will help in finding pin numbers.

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