New provider with "fixed wifi" Internet on LAN

I recently moved to country side home without any wired Internet. The provider installed a "fixed wifi" and I have now a CAT5/RJ45 cable providing Internet.
When I connect my laptop (Automatic DHCP) I get
LAN IP address
Default router
I can access Internet.
This network is full

So, now I need to configure my TP-Link modem/router TD-W8970 OpenWRT 18.06.1 to get a second network and connect my others devices wired and wi-fi. I want to keep DHCP server and wi-fi on my router for my network.
This is the first time I get this type of connection, so my questions:
What is the structure of the network provider side (ie: NAT, firewall...). I am waiting an answer from them as well.
How should I configure my router? Disable/remove dsl, VLAN, DHCP, firewall?

Any link or example are welcome.
Thank you for your help

I don't think anything special should be done on your openwrt router, an out of the box config should work.

You should get your laptop to release its DHCP lease though

Firsts of all, forget about the ADSL capabilities in that router, because you are not going to be able (or need) to use them.

You can configure the router as a dumb access point, and give wifi to your devices. But, as the name implies, you will not be able to do many interesting things with it.

You can also configure one of the LAN ports as a WAN port, and configure it as a standard router. But you will be doing double NAT, and that is a bad thing.

Or you could try to configure the ISP's device in bridge mode. This is by far the most desirable situation, but also the most complex one.

You probably aren't allowed to reconfigure the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), so you are stuck with double-NATting. Which is not a problem at all unless you want to set up a server to take incoming connections. The ISP probably doesn't allow incoming connections either.

Yes on the W8970 you would disable the DSL modem and instead set up one of the Ethernet ports as the WAN port. Other than that it would be basically a default configuration. The WAN network will be 192.168.10.X, and have only two devices-- the CPE and your router. Your LAN devices would be 192.168.1.X.

Start with a default config, set a password, rename the wifi SSID, and see if that works for you, probably will.

My previous config was usual vdsl.
Now wifi and LAN with DHCP are working like previously but when I connect the provider incoming cable syslog says "eth0: port 4 got link" and in Switch tab I see "LAN 4 100baseT full-duplex" but I can't see any connection in other tabs. I can't check if is set.

I tried to unset Authoritative in DHCP tab as both, my routers and provider are DHCP server. Nothing better.

I think I should configure one port (I choose WAN/LAN port 4 for the incoming Internet) as DHCP client and the 3 other ports as DHCP server. I can't find a way to do so.
In Interfaces - LAN, I tried Protocol Static address : etc but no luck.
How to set DHCP server/client to specific switch connector?

Edit later: In fact, the WAN/LAN port 4 can be set to interface eth0 or eth0.1 VLAN.
I did eth0, protocol Static address, I can ping it but not
Tried Protocol DHCP Client, doesn't work.

Your xDSL router was configured to connect the WAN interface on the xDSL port, which you can no longer use if your provider installed their own router with an ethernet cable. However, you can separate one of the LAN ports and configure it as a WAN port using VLANs, there is a guide explaining how to do that. Then, your you will need to have a DHCP server on the LAN port and a DHCP client on the WAN port, but that is the standard configuration.

Do not change the LAN settings (other than changing the Ethernet port as described below.) LAN should be a static IP that is not conflicting with 192.168.10.X. The default setting of is suitable.

As you have been tinkering with a bunch of settings, it is recommended to reset to factory settings.

First set up a secure WiFi AP attached to LAN and use that to log into the router. The Ethernet ports are likely to stop working temporarily until you get them fully configured. So do not have your PC connected by Ethernet during the rest of this process, use WiFi.

Have only the one Ethernet cable from the CPE plugged in. Go to the Network-Switch page and observe that that is the one of the external ports to show a "connected" icon while the others are "cable unplugged". (The CPU port is always "connected" as well.) Click the button at the bottom to add a VLAN. Number this VLAN 2. Under the CPU, select "tagged" for both VLANs. Under the port that goes to the CPE, select "untagged" for VLAN 2 and "off" for VLAN 1. The other ports that are by default "untagged" in 1 and "off" in 2 will be usable as LAN ports.

Save these changes. Then go to the main network interface pages and edit the LAN, select physical settings. If it isn't already, make sure that eth0 is not selected and eth0.1 and of course your wifi are selected.

Save those changes. Edit the WAN and change the protocol from DSL (pppoa) to DHCP Client. Go to WAN physical settings and uncheck Bridge, and select eth0.2.

Save and apply all of that then check on the main status page that you have a WAN IP (192.168.10.X) and that the Internet works.


Thanks a million mk24 for this very detailed howto.
I followed it and have a big progress. My router can get IP address, mask, default route and DNS with DHCP Client. I can ping CPE from the router.
But, NO communication between LAN and CPE. No Internet, no ping. I guess I have to add some routing rules. But how?

Did you revert to stock config before your changes? A stock config will work unless there is something physically broken. LAN can route to wan by default.

I didn't revert to stock config but used my previous config vdsl that was working fine, so should work as well, no?

I'll try to reset but I don't remember the stock username (root ?)and password

Stock config log into Luci as root with no password and immediately set your password.

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I did a reset, reconfigure and now it's working
Thank you very much for your help


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