New newbie user - hardware for Ham use

I'm a radio amateur, I wish to setup a remote station, 1Km away.
My line of site is partially obscured by trees so can't use ISM modes as rx sig levels too low (within licence guidelines) according to a link path calculator..
A 2.4 GHz signal with extra antenna gain and power (within my licence) will do the link. Lower 1-6 WIFI channels (therefore within UK ham bands) and no encryption needed., so I need Open Wrt to configure.
I was looking at the Ubiquiti router and antennas. the Rocket appealed but its not listed as compatible with Open W RT.
Any suggestions for hardware I should look at? Ideally a router that can be mounted on/near the dish.


Hey Iain,

Why do you want OpenWrt on the WiFi link devices?


UPDATE: I hear that Ubiquiti Nanobeam AC wireless stations allow multi-km wireless links.

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Also a ham, here. Yes, there are some models like described, that have gain antennas, and are designed to withstand outdoor use, which of course you want. I'm not so sure how many can have OpenWRT dropped in.

Also, you might want to check out these guys, at least for hardware reccomends, what they have done is a full mesh network over ham radio, and their software is a fork of OpenWRT! A different goal from just point to point, but you could use it for that as well.

Interesting that there are 3 channels below wifi 1, that are in the US 2.4ghz ham band, and they utilize this in that band. No noisy neighbors! Not sure how the UK band maps out.

Tp-link CPE devices also have similar performance.


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if you have mikrotik devices, ar71xx, i can share powerfull custom openwrt build
also if you have other devices, i can try to build custom openwrt for ham, but need be in ar71xx target.

Heh. The Hams come out of the woodwork...

Yeah, there are quite a few point to point models out there, for someone looking at this. The AREDEN forums would be a good source, lots of guys talking which models for what kinds of coverage, how well they do, etc.

Now, those would be AREDEN firmware supported models, which would mean they CAN be supported by OWT, whether they have a ready to flash OWT FW waiting on the download site, might be another story....

Gotta watch that woodwork....

The Ubiquiti PBE-M2-400 is something I use to obtain Wi-Fi from an hotel 4 miles away using openwrt