New modem won't connect with OpenWrt router

I've been using OpenWrt on a Netgear WNDR3800 router for about 5 years. During that time I've replaced my ADSL modems several times without encountering any problems. Router WAN is set as DHCP client. Connect the WAN on the router to a LAN port on the modem and it all works.

Until a few days ago when I changed my ISP, who provided me with a new modem, which won't connect with the router. The new modem is a (Telstra) Arcadyan LH1000.

All my other devices connect to the modem LAN OK, and the router will still connect to the old modem, so there doesn't seem to be a physical problem. The new modem is set to the same fixed IP address ( as the previous one.

Any ideas on how I might go about tracking this down? I'd really like to identify the cause rather than just bypassing it.


probably somethink link-negotiation related... try to install ethtool ( extroot may be required )...

and see what your end ( and if the telstra displays it maybe with a laptop connected... it's end ) is showing...

a spare switch in the middle may also show something...


Additionally make sure that WAN- (the modem) and LAN subnets don't overlap, considering that OpenWrt's default LAN IP would be as well (one or both need to be changed).

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.... or convert the openwrt device to a dumb AP.

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They don't overlap. My setup has been working successfully for years, only the ADSL modem id different. Why it is behaving differently to every other modem I have used is what I am unable to discover.

A dumb AP wouldn't suit my purpose.

The only difference is no extra firewall.

Unless you need two subnets.

Exactly. I need two subnets.
In any case, I want to identify the reason for the problem, not just bypass it.