New mesh setup


So I finally managed to get both my routers on openwrt, and I would like to configure them as mesh.
one device is the XIAOMI AC2350 and the other one is the mikrotik hap ac2.
I believe the AC2350 is the more powerful one however it must be connected in the room and not to my ONT.
So can i follow the instructions here:

use the Xiaomi as my main router but let the mickotik establish the pppoe connection?

"Mesh", is it a wired, or wireless setup ?

Wireless mesh

Are you sure you need mesh and your devices support it under Openwrt? I've configured my 3 routers/AP's for fast-roaming and that works great.

OneMarcFifty made videos covering both options, might help you select?

thanks I was actually watching those videos last night.
I don't "need" mesh just thought it'll work better.....
are there any downsides to having mesh?
my devices are compatible.

I'm not sure regarding the downsides. But in my case (with 3 AP's) the AP's don't all see each other via wifi with a proper signal strength, which I guess is a must have for wifi mesh.
However I do have them connected via wire. Therefore I decided on the Ethernet backbone with fast roaming enabled.

So I guess it depends on the environment you plan to deploy them in.