New Linux Kernel in x86_64 build


I am using Virtualbox to play with openwrt. I downloaded the stable version 19.07.0 for x86/64 and installed it successfully onto virtualbox. I was hoping to have a newer linux kernel version, but I still have 4.14. Does the x86_64 version only have a linux kernel up to 4.14? How can I update the linux kernel openwrt is using?

In 19.07 releases, yes.
In the bleeding edge master the kernel used by x86_64 is already 5.4 since a few weeks ago.

You can't if you need to ask about it. (There is a rather large amount of OpenWrt specific generic and target hardware related kernel patches.)

You might try master snapshots, which have 5.4, but they are daily automatic buildbot builds without any testing. Usually ok, but you might hit bumps.


Thank you! The master version is what I needed.

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