New Internet Setup via Static IP Address

I am new to openwrt. I need help.

I have a TP link Router, I have installed openwrt firmware on it. Installed LUCI also. Now, I have the web interface of the router also.

I need to use this router so that I can have wireless internet in my home.
My ISP has provided me the following :
An ethernet wire.
A static IP address address, subnet mask, gateway address, DNS server address.

The ISP guy also connected this wire on my laptop and showed me that his internet connection is working fine.

So far,
I have followed the following steps :

  1. Fully reset my router
  2. Connected the ethernet wire given by my ISP into the WAN port of the router. 4 LAN ports remain unconnected.
  3. Followed the steps mentioned here openwrt steps in the "via plain Ethernet" section.

But, my internet is not working.

I have attached the web interface screenshot of my router for more details.

Please help.
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome.

First off, since this is a new installation, you might want to start by using the current version (19.07.3) instead of an older one (18.06.1)

What does this mean?

Out of the box, OpenWRT wan (upstream Internet) connection is configured as a dhcp client.
If you have a static address, you should change that under Network -> Interfaces -> General: protocol should be "static" instead of "dhcp client". You need to confirm switching the protocol (there is a large button to click) and then fill in the static IP, mask and so on. As far as a wired connection to your router is concerned, you should be good to go. You'll still need to set a wifi password and configure it from a wired connection before it is enabled.

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It means that after configuring the router, when I connect my laptop to the router via Wifi network, I dont get any internet. :frowning:

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Is your laptop using automatic/dhcp settings or is it still using static settings


Good question, if the technician left without resetting it to the default...

My laptop's both wifi interface and lan interface are using automatic/dhcp settings.


I actually called my ISP , they said they are having some issues due to recent cyclones and rains etc. They are in the process of restoring internet etc.

I will try configuring my openwrt router again and post here, once they confirm that everything is good at their end.

My expectation is : they will take 7-10 days.

Thanks so far.

Is there a method to keep this thread open? (so that i can post again after 10 days).
Will this thread get auto closed?

Meanwhile, you could upgrade to 19.07.3 (if convenient), as @aboaboit suggested.

Don't worry, threads aren't normally closed unless they are solved (or dead).


If the ISP IP overlaps with the default LAN, you need to change the LAN IP. If the ISP IP is not in the range 192.168.1.X you are OK on that point. If it is in that range, change the LAN IP address to etc so it does not overlap.

I would suggest starting over with a clean install. Upgrade to 19.07.3 without saving settings.

Connect your PC to one of the LAN ports and log in at Go to Network-Interfaces-WAN-Edit and change the protocol to static address. Enter your ISP details. Plug the WAN port into the ISP and there should be Internet access on the PC wired to the LAN port. Once wired is working add a wifi AP.


@mk24 : Thanks for the steps.

Earlier, I was also doing these steps only , but dint get any internet.

So, I called my ISP again, he said everything is fine with your connection.
He said : "Remove the router and connect the ISP provided ethernet wire directly to the laptop, configure the LAN settings using the Static IP settings provided by the ISP and try to connect."
I did that, internet worked. Then he said , there is some issue with your router , please configure it properly.

Again, I fully reset my router. Performed the same steps again (same steps in my Original Post and these are the same steps others and @mk24 suggested ).

Fun Fact : Now Internet worked. Yayyy :partying_face: :partying_face:

But, now I see another issue :

Sometimes my internet gets disconnected , then I adjust the ISP provided ethernet wire. I unplug it and then plug it back. I do this like 20 times , still dont get any internet.
But suddenly, like the 21st time when I plug it back again , internet magically works.

Does anyone have any idea whats causing this?
Is it a wire issue, or an ISP issue, or a router issue?

Thanks a lot everyone.

P.S I am marking @mk24 's answer as the solution , just to help others :slight_smile:

I'd check the issues, in that order. Try a new cable first.

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