New interface bugs?

New colors look great, but (image) is this suppose to look like THAT? on high DPI monitor it looks awful

could be browser specific - what browser are you using?

My screen resolution is only 1920x1080, but it looks good on firefox to me. I like the new dark theme!

Looks fine on my system with Edge or Firefox.

Are you using custom scaling?

MS Edge (unstable tree for developers), could it make interface look so new?

it's old interface version.

Yes, 150%. could it be bug of scaling?

scaling to 150% glitches Firefox a little too - not as much as Chrome though

Different scaling has different level of glitch in Chrome ... not necessarily getting worse all the time though - i.e. 160% isn't quite as bad as 150%

couldnt imagine scaling would affect interface, isnt it integer and could scale to every %?)

I'm simply reporting my observations when using Chrome vs Firefox

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