New Install R6900v2 Can't Access Web GUI

Hmmm... not sure how to do that :thinking: Example?

But with your suggestion to run WinScp, and @psherman's input above, here's what I did in case someone else like me (with less knowledge of OpenWRT, SSH, etc.) might overcome accidentally installing a SnapShot:

  1. Download the latest stable build SysUpgrade BIN for your Router (in my case R6900v2 here). Note: I tried the "Factory Image" which is a n.IMG file but it did not work.... needed the BIN.
  2. I renamed the file for ease of use later to: OpenWrtSysupgrade.bin
  3. Download & Install then Run WinSCP:
    File Protocol: SCP. Host Name: Port 22. Username=root. PW=blank
  4. Copy the BIN file you downloaded to the /tmp folder of the Router
  5. Open a Windows Command Prompt
  6. Type in: ssh root@
  7. It may respond with a warning first time (proceeded)
  8. Type in: sysupgrade -n -v /tmp/OpenWrtSysupgrade.bin
  9. Answer prompts as needed
  10. It installs the BIN file and reboots the router.
  11. Try logging in from a browser to:

I've used FreshTomato for a while... now it's time to dig into OpenWRT !

Hope this helps someone in the future!

Thanks again @psherman and @frollic