New build Release 21.02.0-RC1 and shortened /overlay

Good day,
I have been using OpenWrt on my Turris Omnia router for a long time, currently with the last release 19.07.7 (mvebu architecture) and I found out in the new build Release 21.02.0-RC1 (file: openwrt-21.02.0-rc1-mvebu-cortexa9-cznic_turris-omnia -sysupgrade.img) that the "/overlay" storage is shortened from 256MB to 100MB and I can't fit any more packages.

The Turris Omnia router has 8GB of Flash and I don't see a problem having a larger /overlay (even at 512MB).

21.02.0-RC1 - 100MB

Can you return it to 256MB for this model or even increase it?

Thank you.

So I solved it with this tutorial:

  1. I edited the .config file, see. picture:

  2. I changed the value from 104 to 256, see picture:

  3. I executed the command:
    make image PROFILE=cznic_turris-omnia PACKAGES="luci"
    and it is done. The image already has 256MB /overlay:

Thanks to the developers for Image Builder. :+1:

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