New Archer C20 v6. Serial and support needed


I recently got this unit. Seems almost identical to the v5 (which works perfectly fine with OpenWRT) except for the 5G Chip and the fact that this one has 4 antenas (v5 has 3 antenas).

Internally seems that 2 antenas are for 2G and the other 2 for 5G


Also, wanted to post a boot log but I'm unable to get output. Soldered the 4 pins, photos:

From right to left and far right being the one with the printed triangle im connected as follows: TX - RX - GND - empty

I've swaped TX and RX still no output. I remember back in the 940v5 that i had to bridge a resistor in order to get output but on this one I don't see where to do the same or if its needed.

I'm at 115200 speed, don't know if its correct or not.

Any help to get this bootlog via serial is very much welcome as i think its needed for devs to see if they can cook a version of OpenWRT that works as good as the previous v5


Try different speeds, 57600 is also a common baud rate. If you have an oscilloscope, you can measure the Tx pin. GND looks correct.

If you have a multimeter, check where Tx and Rx go to - the traces seem to be on the other side of the board.

Hi! Now the new v6 has also arrived at Am**on and my supply of cost effective routers has ended. @Sauztriaco were you able to get a bootlog?