Network monitoring software

Hi, is there any server package that allows graphical representation of network connections like PRTG, Nagios or The Dude can be viewed via browser? Thank you.

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Status > Realtime Graphs > Traffic

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If you are asking about OpenWrt packages that are similar to the above! No.

There are packages like softflowd and snmp that can collect/send/analyze bandwidth data to a hosted analyzer such as your mentions among others if you are just looking for bandwidth monitoring, and there is (nl)bwmon and vnstat/vnstat2.

If you are looking for a True Network Monitor app, your best bet is to task a separate (typically) windows host if possible.

PRTG is my personal preference. It provides a full blown free version if you keep it under 100 sensors.

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Hi @RuralRoots ,

my idea is something like This and certainly needs a external backend to avoid excessive load . i Had try zabbix but seem to be a little bit complicated to set up and seem to be heavy even i have 4cores/512mb router.

You can use "Telegraf" or "CollectD" to off load the data to an external timeseries DB like Influx or Grafite and use Grafana to display it.

If you want network connections you can poll the conntrack and contrackerhelp OIDs or scrape logs for same and push it to InfluxDB.

Displaying it as a nice star and spoke plot .... no idea.

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Hi, sorry for late. Thank you for suggestions. I'm trying Zabbix system and Netdata package and both even different work well.