Network can't see devices on Wireless Bridge

Hi, so I’m very new to WRT (bear with me) but following some guides to finish setting up my new router as a wireless bridge (replicating my old Linksys router on stock firmware). So far it seems to be working insofar as my downstream device has an internet connection, but unlike my previous config, I’m having trouble seeing the device on my local network.

Modem-Router > wifi > OpenWRT router > lan > Device

I added the LAN port being used as an 'Interface' and set it as DHCP in the LAN/WWAN firewall zone, and that kinda helped: I can ping and access the device's web admin, and send Airplay audio to it, but it's still not appearing as an online device on my main router's DHCP list, and services like Tidal can't interact with it, and I can't run a firmware update on it (times out). So something is still blocking.

What do I need to change to have devices on my WRT bridge freely accessible on my network?

(Also, bonus issue, I managed to get access to the WRT admin via wifi from my laptop (previously blocked), but now when I connect to the router over ethernet I can’t access the admin anymore.)

So the OpenWrt device is serving as a wireless client and providing a wireless > wired bridge?

If so, you need to use relayd to achieve that goal:

Yup, currently am using Relay and have a relay_bridge interface added (of lan and wwan), which got the initial internet flowing, but not sure what needs to change to get the wired devices to show up on my network properly

I don't personally use relayd, but I'd recommend resetting your device and following the guide I linked (rather than a youtube video).

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I'll blame the youtuber, too. Thanks, following the guide again from scratch set everything proper.

(edit: device still showing offline on my gateway but maybe that's a false positive, if it works it works)

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