Netis WF2375 this router need help

please build a firmware for this router

RAM and the SOC being lexra based are much bigger problems, that device is basically unsupportable.

Netis WF2375 its like a cpe dual band. wf2411 It is completely different


Looks like I was in the wrong thread...

Apologies for the confusion.

Without chipset information (nothing on or the Netis site), it would need be opened to see what it's using.

However, if it's 4 MB of flash, the answer would be not likely.

It still remains lexra, 4 MB flash, rtl8188er wlan and -given the chipset- in all likelyness 16 MB RAM, held together by a lovely vendor kernel.

How can I know the router information to send it to the developers?

-> Open it up and see what chips are used. Take photos.

Suggested reading:

I think you meant that for @jorgerubio

Theres now support for Lexra LX5280 CPU



  • Patch 5 in v1 added irqchip, timer and arch code for the SoC all in one patch.
    Split this patch into 3 patches:

    • Patch 3 for irqchip (depends on MACH_RTL8186 in Kconfig)
    • Patch 5 for timer (depends on MACH_RTL8186 in Kconfig)
    • Patch 7 for SoC code in arch/mips (adds MACH_RTL8186 in mips and selects irqchip+timer drivers)
      Also, reorder the patches in a way that each DT binding patch comes before
      the respective driver patch.
  • No code changes from v1

This RFC patch series adds all the necessary code
to successfully boot Linux on the Realtek RTL8186 SoC.

Boot log with the v1 series applied (+one DT patch that adds partitions) is available here:

Network drivers and other misc drivers are not included
in this patch set, but are being worked on.

This patch series includes:

  • Patch 1: Lexra LX5280 CPU support (MIPS)

  • Patch 2: Device tree bindings for the RTL8186 interrupt controller

  • Patch 3: RTL8186 interrupt controller driver

  • Patch 4: Device tree bindings for the RTL8186 timer

  • Patch 5: RTL8186 timer driver

  • Patch 6: Device tree bindings for Realtek MIPS SoCs

  • Patch 7: RTL8186 SoC support (MIPS, device tree)

What's still missing:

  1. Upstream toolchain support for the Lexra LX5280 CPU.
    (Still WIP) GCC and binutils patches are available at [1][2].
    Buildroot with these patches applied is available at [3].

    The toolchain work is still WIP and I'm planning to send it
    for review when it will be ready.

    Still, feel free to comment on this work too.

  2. Reading the TLB size from device tree:
    (The reason there's no DT bindings for the LX5280 in this series)

    As there's no way to get the TLB size from the hardware,
    is must be passed in the DT.

    Currently in arch/mips, the FDT is not available in the cpu_probe()
    stage, where the 'tlbsize' field of the cpu data is set.

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to solve that?

This patch series is on top of v4.18 + 5 prerequisite patches that
are in mips-next for 4.20. [4][5].

I got these photos from

So I see a Winbond W9751G6KB-25

MXIC MX 25L3206E


what about driver for RTL8188ER do you know where it can be found ?