Netgear XR500 (basically R7800 with more flash and no eSATA - $50 on Amazon)

It is a warehouse deal but if someone needs a debugging device or a slightly "better" R7800 with the same chipset, there ya go.

I would link it but I don't want people to think I'm an affiliate.

Just search for it and it will pop up - not sure how many are there.

Must be this...

Wonder what kind of "cosmetic imperfections" are on the inside.

I've gotten many warehouse items in the past and I swear they just list random things. I have had items that said the above and they came in original packaging and nothing wrong outside or inside the box.

Thankfully (I haven't done it in a while), they are good about returns if it has things wrong with it not listed/etc.

So, it can be kind of a crap shoot.

Warehouse stuff is safe at worst you send them back. For 50$ it's very good

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