Netgear x4s (R7800) not powering on... any help appreciated!

So anyways figured out the problem and it seems unrepairable for me. I tried injecting 12V through a bench power supply to burn the shorted component. Defective component was the 208A IC - googled it and it is a Dual Programmable Buck Regulator. You may try your luck by replacing this component if you can find any.

That is (or at least was) one of the CPU core regulators. Replacing it is almost certainly not worth the effort. If a considerable fraction of the raw 12V got through the blown regulator which is supposed to supply some 1.xx V at its output the CPU has almost certainly taken a hit too.

yup. too much hassle. Also, as this IC datasheet says it's programmable, I'll assume there is a need to preprogram the chip before soldering to board. Or also possible the circuit board programs this chip on the run when you insert this regulator on the ckt.