Netgear wndr3400 v2

Hi guys, i,m new here today.

I have been searching high and low for software for my sisters router and i didn't think i would find it but i think i just did,

And it says version 18.06.1 on the downloaded file.

Could anyone confirm this works and if possible any tips to install it, i am used to ddwrt and merlin so if its similar then i,m laughing.

Many thanks in advance


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Thanks guys i got it flashed, nice and easy and working well, i have not actually connected it to the net just yet so i may see more options when i do but i just have a few more questions if ok.

Can you change the dns server as not been able to see that yet.
Cant find upnp either to make sure its off
And i was wondering if the wireless signal can be turned up like ddwrt.

Many thanks

Yes, you either do this:

  1. under WAN Interface settings (to use different upstream servers than provided by your ISP),

  2. or under LAN DHCP (to directly assign other servers to clients).

It's off if you didn't install, configure and enable it.

Yes (although not sure what you mean "like DD-WRT"). If the card is capable, it can be done. You have to turn the WiFi on first, you should see a section for power under the Wireless settings.

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Hi lleachii, thanks for your time and replys, i wont bother with upnp as my sister wont need it so thats great, em i dont seem to have wireless settings, dont know if i need to activate it with putty tool or something.

I do have network dropping down and interfaces which i clicked and wan and wan6 are red, cant see wireless name or anything and not showing up on my laptop when wireless is scanned, i have hidden network popping up now on my lappy,not sure if thats it.

Also meant to say, with ddwrt it was under tx power i think to turn wireless up.

Many thanks

Did you go to the wireless page to enable it, as I noted?

Thats the problem mate, i dont have a wifi page or wireless anything on any of the 3 drop down options on web gui.

The Broadcom wifi chips in that model have no open-source support. If you need the wifi to work, ddwrt is better for it. OpenWrt is suitable for wired applications.


oh well, looks like my sister will have to do with netgear official then because as far as i can tell her v2 router is not supported by ddwrt.

Thanks anyway guys

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@meerkat You could have saved you a lot of time...

This is shown in the linked dataentry:

OK, this one can easily be overlooked, therefore it is mentioned also on top of the dataentry:

And to make sure everyone gets this information, it's also visible on the devicepage:

Clicking on the links will lead you to more detailed information:

For the next device you want to check out, you now know what to pay attention to :wink:

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There is a build of ddwrt for the WNDRv3400 v2. It is older, but does have heartbleed protection. It can be found at:

As far as wireless is concerned, the radios do broadcast on it. I had difficulty getting my wireless devices to connect on the 5ghz in Dumb AP mode though. It might of been some of my settings. I never tested the wireless when it was in 'gateway' mode. I eventually switched to LEDE 17.01.4 on my WNDR3400 v2 and just use it as a switch for my 10/100 devices.

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