Netgear WAX218

Hi, I have flashed OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc2 r23228-cd17d8df2a on Netgear WAX218 AP but I cannot see any wireless interfaces and I am always seeing "System running in recovery (initramfs) mode." message. Any ideas on what can I do?

you flashed the wrong image .. ?;a=commit;h=7801161c4bb2413817b3dfd01695050e2da27bf3

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Why do you say that? I have flashed it based on the instructions: first, then sysupgrade

the "initramfs" would indicate you didn't, but I'm only guessing ....

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I've seen that more people had this problem in another thread but it is closed due to inactivity... Maybe instructions don't work anymore.. Anyhow, what can I do to recover from this state?

no idea, I don't own the device, but I would start with nmrpflash.

To get back to factory firmaware? I somehow suspect that there should be a way to fix this from openwrt itself...

if it's not in the git commit, or posted elsewhere on the forum (I haven't looked), nmrpflash would still be my no 1 choice.

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Which stock firmware was it on?
I'd nmrpflash to the earliest stock firmware you can find and try again.

it does not respond to nmrpflash

I have seen different behaviors depending on devices. Some require to power on before launching the command, some after. It's a matter of seconds. Try several timings between powering on the device and launching the command.

Should I connect my computer directly to the access point via ethernet cable or should it go through the switch for nmrpflash?

I have access to UART, let me know if any info would be needed for this device

Directly, and only the computer.
nmrpflash works with every Netgear routers I have been able to use. But ... take care of the timing start. Try several until you find the right one.
Also something that I forgot : at the end of the process, there is a message telling you to reboot. Wait 1 min before doing so. While monitoring a device with serial link, I have found that the writing process may not be ended when the reboot message is displayed.

WAX218 is just an AP, not a router, could this be that it does not react to nmrpflash?

No, it shouldn't.

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I have these options via UART:

Please choose the operation:
2: Load Linux System code then write to Flash via TFTP.
4: Entr boot command line interface.
9: Load Boot Loader code then write to Flash via TFTP.
e: Erase Boot Loader ENV config.
ESC: Please input ESC to run Burn-in testing.

Can I reset from here somehow?

I'd go with option 2, but watch the console while your press the reset button, and fire nmrpflash.

Nothing happens when I press reset button and no matter for how long

bummer, guess serial is needed for recovery/going bak to stock, unless if can be done from within openwrt.