Netgear WAX202 for 802.11s?

I currently have OpenWrt running on a PCEngines APU2E5 as a router with three WAX202 devices as APs. They're configured for fast transition, but two of them have limited wired speeds as they are connected via MOCA adapters over a dark coax cabling on an unused DirecTV install. I can't get over 450Mbps on them on a wired connection, limiting their wireless speeds.

I'm looking to do an ethernet run at some point, but until then I'm wondering if mesh might work better than my current setup and I can leave the MOCA connections for anything in the rooms that requires a physical connection. Could I expect better wireless speeds than the 400-450mbps if the signal overlap on the APs is good enough, or is FT on the more limited wired network a better option?

Can it work: yes.
Could it be faster under ideal circumstances: probably head-to-head (you will incur the repeater effect, halving your thoughput in the process, so 750-800 MBit/s divided by two).
Would it actually be faster in practice (which will be far from ideal): Depends on your house, number- and types of walls, ceilings, etc.

WDS/ 4addr would be faster than 802.11s though.

802.11r/ FT is orthogonal to the above.