Netgear WAX 202 snapshot builds are broken, no WIFI

I had a 23.05 -> 23.05.02 update via auc and lose wifi a week or two ago. It took a while to find that wpad-mbedtls was missing after the update.


An itty-bitty power trip from an inssuferable user, who now happens to be a mod. No, you weren't replied to, you just love being the center of attention any means necessary.

Context matters. That was in reference to the builder's default package selection. You weren't being replied to then. Rich in irony coming from selective reader in chief. Not only is it easy, reading can also be fun!

Take your bruised ego out of this thread instead of tirelessly working, manufacturing a situation that isn't there. You are plain embarrassing this forum. I came here looking for information, not be antagonized by a mod.

I want help from anyone but you. You have shown us enough to know it won't end well.

No shit Sherlock, that much has been established. You're the rude, insulting one overstepping in a forum you're tasked with moderating. I have been more than thorough, I've been too tolerant as well. Those are the steps, that screenshot is real. Radio works in stock but not under Openwrt. Yes, it is strange how it boots this "phantom image" I can't scrub or access.

Now will you stop harassing me in my own thread, or is being considerate against forum rules?

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