NETGEAR Upgrade Failing WNDR4000


Pulling my hair out on this one :laughing:. I have v22.03.3 running, and want to update to add a couple more packages to my custom build. Build goes fine, but the flash keeps failing. I have confirmed the image integrity. I think it's a RAM thing ... killed services, etc., but still no go. I keep getting,

upgrade: Image metadata not present

I have Extroot running, so lots of disk space => so to save RAM I downloaded the file to my root directory (on USB), no issue. But when I try to install,

Fri Apr 28 20:29:02 CDT 2023 upgrade: Image not in /tmp, copying...
Fri Apr 28 20:29:06 CDT 2023 upgrade: Image metadata not present

Arrgh - so it takes the RAM again. I don't think it's an Extroot thing, but I may be wrong.

Any suggestions?