Netgear stora MS-2000 + OpenWrt 18.06.4

I raised a topic here:

I feel like it might be a separate issue, what do you guys think @danitool @hnyman Does this warrant a seperate thread?

hi all! I builded new update on 21.02.0 release.

update 21.02.0

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I installed it, thanks - I feel much better running on the complete version, rather than the RC.

I still can't build my own... but maybe you could include the usb-storage and pwm fan controller in your builds? I think its a problem with Kernel software. In general I'm finding that I can't install kmod packages from the package manager.. most of the software seems to work..

I'd love to know how many Stora's are running on your firmware builds now!

You can download my last build (from 29/10/21).
I added:

  1. fix hash kernel
  2. kmod-fs-xfs
  3. kmod-usb-storage
  4. kmod-md-linear
  5. block-mount
  6. pwm-core
  7. kmod-input-core
  8. kmod-sound-core


Hi all,
can I ask if somebody could provide me a new u-boot image compiled with UART option?
As I am the owner of Stora with 1.11 bootrom version (which is not working with kwboot) - I'm not able to use kwboot tool with -p flag, and the only option for me is to send uboot image with uart header via serial terminal

Thanks in advance!

check,12381 another option might be NC.

might also be relevant for getting access,94014