Netgear router supported by Openwrt

Yes, I have filtered using the tools but which Netgear is recommended for OpenWRT and a few packages.[Brand*~]=netgear&dataflt[RAM+MB*~]=

Why does it have to be Netgear?

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this reason


Official client mode method (Connecting to the inverter · wlcrs/huawei_solar Wiki · GitHub 9) I think it works with some tplinks (see wlcrs example) and netgear routers. Set Up The Router In Bridge Mode - NETGEAR WNDR4300v2 User Manual [Page 113] | ManualsLib 1.

Want to connect to the inverter using both official OEM firmware and opentwrt as required by the customer.
secondly netgear is better supported in Homeassistant.
I could have loved an Asus, but no Asus router is supported by OpenWrt, Broadcom chips.

I will just assume you have unlimited budget.

Get a XR500 :smile:

and if it isn't, the R7800.

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I am looking in used market, but till don't have the budget for a XR500

if that isn't available what will be the second-best option?

Then I'd probably look for the R7500v2.

Nah, not the r7500. The r7500 would actually be the r7500v1 with totally unsupported 5 GHz wifi. While a r7500v2 exists, it's relatively rare as it was quickly replaced by the r7800, it is fully supported but sports only 256 MB RAM.

you're right, forgot to put the v2 in there.

post corrected.

Does any other company support wireless bridging on stock firmware?

Sure, e.g. the orbi range of devices.

I would love something with external replaceable antennas.

Hi frollic,

How do you recognize that it is a V2?

Bottom sticker.