Netgear RBR750 / Qualcomm IPQ8174 / 512MB NAND - 1 GB Flash

Hi, Here is the hardare info. for Netgear RBR 750

Netgear Orbit AX4200 Router and AX4200 Satellite


  • Ports : 1 WAN, 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports


  • Ports : 2 - Gigabit Ethernet ports

(600 1200 2400 MBps)

Simultaneous Tri-Band WiFi
Radio 1: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ax, 2.4Gh - 1024 QAM Support
Radio 2: IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac/ax, 5GH - 1024 QAM Support
Radio 3: IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac/ax, 5GG - 1024 QAM Support

Processor: Qualcomm IPQ8174 Quad-Core 1.4 Ghz
Memory: Router 512 MB NAND flash, 1GB RAM

I do not see any thread for support of Qualcomm IPQ8174, other than IPQ8074.

Starting this thread such that we can add any relevant information and progress to support the same here.

Is there any support for this i.e RBR750 ( I see older RBR50) ? Can someone share what it could take to support ?

Thank you

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Great idea, thank you

You might want to checkout on this:

It's the same chipset and started just about a month ago, which is pretty new discussion.

This is helpful, thank you

I really hope that RBR/RBS750 will be supported in the nearby future.

I just arrived at a workplace that has a RBR750 and an RBS750 that have never worked correctly. I already saved the day by building a relay/repeater with a couple of junk Walmart Netgear APs with Openwrt, but I'd love to flash the RBx750s with Openwrt and get them going.

Any movement on this? I have little to no ability any more to do any serious programming, but I can certainly experiment with these as they're ready to just chuck them into the bin.

My first try installing around holiday season / dec '23 was not as expected. The traffic speed using the initial build was sluggish compared to factory settings.

Not sure, if I have setup mesh properly - need to re-try and experiment.

I bought a extra few RBR750 on offerup to retry builds. working on the repo here, not much for now - I will update if I have comparable speedtests with current factory settings.