Netgear R7800 strange behaviour

Hi guys,just a noob here so bear with me if i"m on wrong forum category.I recent flash OWRT on my R7800 (19.07.5 r11257-5090152ae3 ) and searching to optimize some of my router setings i came across "scaling governor" changing from ondemand to performance(i don"t mind cpufreq always set to maximum, the diference in cputemp is barely +-2degree and power consumption is negligeable) ,now the wierd stuff: htop show cpu0 usage 20-40%, cpu1 is 80-90% both under stress(streaming,torrenting).I instaled irqbalance hoping that it will solve the isue but got worse, this time htop show cpu0 5-10% and cpu1 100% all time, irqbalance moved some interupts from cpu0 to cpu1 but didn"t solve the problem,just make it worse.
Did anybody have the same problem or know how to solve this,any help is greatly apreciated?

it also shows you why...

i guess because is loaded but that doesn"t explain why unbalanced,right?

Sounds to me like one process is eating up one core, and isn't designed to run multi core, which might be a good thing, in this case....,)