Netgear R7800 Random Internet Outage

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been experiencing constant Internet outages on my Netgear R7800. I recently updated to the latest OpenWRT update/reset all the settings to default just for a clean slate.

But for some reason I still experience random outages. I swapped back to my old router with OEM firmware and my Internet works perfectly fine. This applies to WiFi and Wired. I’m not too sure what’s causing this to happen.

How would I go about troubleshooting and finding the cause of this issue?

Thank You!

Looking at the system log.
What errors does the log show when there is outage?

SSH in to the router and run -

logread | grep 'warn\|err'

Post the results in preformatted text, by using the icon highlighted in red...

OpenWRT Posting Icons

Would System Log or Kernel Log be the same as running the command you mentioned above?

The command is specific to the System Log.