Netgear R7800 or D7800 recommendation for OpenWrt

Good evening,
I'm relatively new to OpenWRT.
I'm from Italy and I'm fascinated how much you can learn about the project here in the forum. Really great.
I currently have it installed on a TP Link Archer C7 V5.
But now I want to upgrade to better hardware. It should be a Netgear R7800, I will buy a used one.

But I also have the option to buy a D7800. Can someone tell me which of these 2 routers runs better on OpenWRT?
And then the question arises, which OS run better on the Netgears? DD WRT or OpenWRT?

I am really grateful for any help.
Thank you and have a nice day

The D7800 is a DSL router/modem combination.

The R7800 is a router only.


yes I know, but the D7800 is a little bit cheaper, and the modem doesn t work on OpenWRT. I don't need them.

Unless the d7800 is really, really, really cheap, go for the r7800. The xDSL modem is unsupported/ unsupportable, but still needs power, flash is smaller (due to the different partitioning), the SOC older (2*1.4 GHz vs 2*1.7 GHz) with older wireless and the device itself relatively rare (so less eyes on keeping it working, and there is a confusion about the actual RAM size; might differ between h/w revisions).