Netgear R7800 OpenWRT VLAN to TP-Link TL-SG116E - Help please!


First time doing VLANs so please bear with me, I have read and watched lots of videos and thought I had a good basic understanding of VLANs.

TP-Link 16 port switch has IP cameras plugged into ports 1,2,3 with IP addresses .The ports are set as VLAN 5 and PVID 5.

The rest of my network runs on 192.168.1.x and VLAN ID 1.

TP-Link switch port 16 is set to tagged for VLAN 5 and connects to the R7800's LAN 3

I configured the switch on the R7800 like this:

with an interface:

and firewall zone:

So, I can connect from my LAN to the cameras OK.

Everything seems to work OK...

But, I am seeing lots and lots of errors continually in my TP-Link for port 16:

So I guess my configuration is wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated :grinning:

I wouldn't worry about it. It's just a peculiarity of TP-Link switches.

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Must admit I hadn't checked TP-Link forum yet, only just received the switch a few days ago.

Thanks for that!

So, just to put my mind at rest, does my configuration also look OK?

Yeah, looks fine.

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