Netgear R7800 installation questions

Hi! I have a few questions regarding the installation of LEDE on my R7800 running stock firmware currently.

  • The router specific file I downloaded is not a factory.bin file, but rather a factory.img file. Would this still work if i'm trying to upgrade from stock firmware?

  • Is the LEDE firmware for the r7800 stable currently?

  • There also doesn't seem to be much information on what features/functions would work after installation. I found this topic but it mainly talks about the development stuff, and that the wifi leds won't work, which i'm fine with.

Example of this issue is my old router which is a WNDR3700v1. After installation, the speed was 50 down 15up on custom firmware vs 220 down 22up on stock. I couldn't managed to find a fix so I reverted back to the stock firmware. It wasn't until a month or two later that I found out it was due to hardware NAT.

Just don't want anything to go wrong with the installation.

I’ve been using it for a week now. Very stable with 17.0.2.

factory.img is fine if it is the right one ;- ) The only problem I have is with SAMBA / DLNA shares on a f2fs USB stick and forced power offs. Everything else is working fine, but your mileage may vary and depends on the packages you drive ;- )

Regarding speed: You will surely be faster than 50/15

Can you comment on any issues at all? I am considering the R7800 for use with LEDE. Stability/reliability and speed are my two requirements.

I have been running it with stock 17.01 with no issues for month now.

no issue what so ever