Netgear R7800 + CenturyLink Fiber via PPPOE and VLAN Tagging on WAN port

I followed the directions as specified here.
Bypassing and removing CenturyLink Fiber Modem

But... I can't get it to work completely.

I'm able to get the PPPOE login working.
e.g. - If I set the provided router to Transparent Bridging and have it do the VLAN 201 tagging, then pass that to the WAN of the Netgear... it works.

But... when I change VLAN 2 to 201 like in the instructions and then take the CenturyLink device out of the mix, I never get a WAN address.

I tried changing the WAN MAC address to the same as the CenturyLink device to no avail.

Question 1
Is VLAN tagging on the WAN port of the Netgear R7800 expected to work?

Question 2
If it is expected to work, what else should I try?

I'm a DDWRT convert, switching over today and loving it so far. If I can get my ONT handing off a WAN address everything would be great!

Thanks! :+1:

Not sure it's accepted but bumping this in hopes it gets some more visibility.