Netgear R7800 as an AP or alternatives

I'm about to replace my current setup of a Voxel flashed R7800 as my router + a Technicolor DGA4130 as an AP for a little bit more elaborate setup.
As a software engineer, I always found my networking skills rather lacking, so I'd like to invest in a Raspberry Pi 4 or a FriendlyELEC R4S and use it as an OpenWRT-based router.

The project I have in mind is to separate my IoT devices on a separate VLAN so that the IoT devices cannot access my private home network without restrictions. For that, I need to flash OpenWRT on the R7800 to make the device support "VLAN enabled" wireless networking on separate SSIDs.
My question is whether the current stable build of OpenWRT can achieve the max practical (approx 600mbps) wifi throughput on 5GHz. If not, can you please recommend a device that supports VLAN-enabled wireless networking instead of the R7800? (maybe a Xiaomi AX3600?) [The DGA4130 runs a custom firmware based on OpenWRT so I'm sure that it supports my use case.]

Also beside a custom x86 PC, are there any other recommended devices that can handle a 1000/300 fiber connection with some sort of QoS + firewall rules + VLAN tagging?

I use one r7800 as my router and I use two r7800’s as APs. They work great and get up to mid 500 mbps (approaching the theoretical max for wifi 5) with a 2x2 80Mhz client in the same room.

I have all IoT on 2.4ghz and all user devices on 5ghz (different SSID for each band). I don’t have VLAN tagging (ehh, probably overkill) but if you are worried about your IoT devices you could easily separate them with a VLAN tagged to each SSID.

Feel free to try my build if you want to test how your r7800 works (NSS hardware offloaded so it can support your full gig line rate):

Sounds good, I'll try it. I have no low level programming experience, but is there any way I can contribute to the project? I could probably work on a luci module for the nss enabled QoS settings.


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