Netgear R7800 19.07.04 wifi issues

to replace my TP-Link 1043 v2, I just bought a Netgear R7800 and installed 19.07.4 with wpa3 (wpad-openssl). Unfortunately, I have Wifi issues, which I did not have with the TP-Link 1043 v2 running 19.07.4 with wpa3.

My old ipad2 can not connect at all to the Netgear R7800 (neither wpa2 nor wpa2/wpa3 mixed mode configured in openwrt).

A Samsung M21 looses the wifi connection and occasionally can not connect to wifi at all.

Similiar problems with the Amazon FireHD tables

The wifi issues also exist when I configure the R7800 to use wpa2 (wpa-basic).

Any idea to solve those wifi issues of the R7800?

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Also have problems with my iPad 2nd gen but not as bad when running a Kong build, it will disconnect once in a while 2 or 3 times a day but all other devices work fine ie Fire Cube gen2, iPhone 7+ and Roku 3

Kernel Version 4.14.202

if there is no solution i guess i will return the r7800. i thought this is one of the most popular und hence best supported / stable enthusiast openwrt wifi router.

any suggestion for a good upgrade for the 1043 with stable wifi?

I have a Kong build too (Oct 20). Rock solid no disconnects on my 7800.

Recommend you try the ath10k drivers. OW ships with the ath10k-ct drivers which I have found to be problematic particularly with apple devices.