Netgear r7500 v2 hidden antenna?


From above image, i saw it should have another wifi antenna socket is not connected. Is it hidden antenna? If i plugin antenna will improve the wifi signal?

Are you looking at those hirose u.fl connectors? if so there are quite a few on that board, more than two. As for using these to improve wifi signal, I somewhat say it is unlikely, you can try none the less.

Yes. The u.fl connectors.
It seem around 6 is no plugin with antenna.

I counted eight. Two at the very far left. Six in the middle along with the four already plugged in.

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Looks like the PCB design supports separated and muxed/combined RF chains for 2/5 GHz bands (so 4 dual-band or 8 2/5 GHz antennas). The two connectors on the left are for the unpopulated 4th chain of the bottom radio.

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