Netgear R7000 Performance messurments

I just tested the peroformance with dd-wrt with an quite up-to-date version and achieved around 600 Mbit/s via Wifi on my S7 (2x2 max 866 Mbit/s) with an Iperf3-Messurement to an 1GbE-internal Server. so i guess the performance can only decrease with openwrt.

Major-Reson for Openwrt in my opinion is still a hopefull possibility for building MESH-NETWORK with diffrent OPENWRT-Devices around my house. But I guess that is an impossible projekt since I am stucked for years now with this issue. - Most cheapest and working option would have been what I tried to prevent. Buy AVM-Products, connect them with one button within 2 Minutes and just be happy enjoy maximum performance where still Wifi AX-Devices even with best client won't achive nowadays.

I haven't seen any AX-device real iperf3 messurement higher than 600 Mbit/s up or down.

But I hope this very promissing R7000 openwrt development keeps going here!

Could anyone please report their R7000 messurements and maybe MESH-experience?

the Netgear R7000 has a Broadcom radio's
you are luck if it ever works

I think I have one of these & I don't think the radio's even show up
but I excepted this as like most devices with Broadcom radio's

Hey @Lucky1 you're right, but there is already a while a project ongoing with BCM4360 FLOSS-Drivers. so I thought actually there is some progress since there is an offical Version in OpenWRT 21.02 rc2 for R7000.

So it seems like there could be a least some progress and i was forced to open a new topic for performance messurement discussion @MakeWiFiGreatAgain . Maybe you can at least report here about your switching performance.

Cheers and happy developing guys!

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If you want to run a custom firmware on the R7000 stick with DD-WRT because they support wifi for it. I use to run that router it works well: