Netgear R7000 OpenWrt


I dont understand why the R7000 is supported by dd wrt, tomato and Express VPN firmware based on open wrt and open wrt does not support R7000 ( wifi not supported) ?

Some explanation:

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The last link explains well.
But I wonder why the expressvpn firmware works very good with the R7000 and they did their firmware from open wrt source...

The tomato works with R7000 but not open wrt.
I ve read about the legal thing (dd wrt) but I guess tomato does not have the rights like dd wrt?

I do not get it, when you look on the list of supported devices Netgear R7000 is there. So there is licence issues or not?

Supported by OpenWrt does not automatically mean that all hardware functions are supported.

See for more info.

I believe it has to do with non-opensource drivers from Broadcom and DD-WRT having some license agreement whereas OW does not. Tomato has an ancient kernel version. You can search on the tomato boards for this question. There is more detail there as I recall but that is it in a nutshell.