Netgear R7000 - Corrupted firmware after reboot

Yesterday, I lost my internet installing Open Wrt for the Netgear r7000. The file I choose is the one corresponding to the model. Ever since I installed and rebooted, I have lost all access to the internet. I am able to connect to the network, but not to the internet. The r7000ā€™s lights are not on. The only light that is white is the power button. I am only able to post using cellular data. Also, I am very tech illiterate so simple explanations are highly appreciated.

Hm. The doc page for R7000 device doesnt list any specific process/steps , it just linked straight to here

  1. Which method(s) did you follow. Please be as detailed as possible.

  2. On the R7000 page , did you download and flash the firstime image or the sysupgrade image?

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1.All I remember was I took the first download link because I was too lazy and too impatient. Upon searching again I think I downloaded from this link

2.From this link, I Downloaded the file. I uploaded this file when I went onto the admistration page of the Netgear r7000 router And went to ADVANCED>; Administration> Update to upload the file. After uploading the file, the router rebooted. After the reboot, i was able to connect to my network, but not the internet. I must note that my friend was playing fortnite on my xbox. I waited for the game to end before applying the file.

What type of Internet service do you have? What does the WAN status show on the main page?

Iā€™m am using Comcast with a wireless connection. I am currently able to access the internet and the firmware through Ethernet cable.
When doing network>interface the WAN shows red. I tried following the directions on the trouble shoot page, but every time I try to change the LAN IP it does not want to configure
I was able to follow the steps from
but i am sitll unable to access wifi