Netgear R6230 bricked after failed upgrade?

After attempting an upgrade through the web UI with the sysupgrade package, my R6230 seems to be bricked. It seems to be rebooting every 5 seconds (green power LED at first, then all the non-port LEDs flash once before it goes back to only the green power LED). I've attempted all sorts of resets and also attempted a TFTP flash, but there is never any network connectivity. When the reset button is pressed for more than five seconds, the two LEDs to the right of the power LED begin blinking on and off alternately/wig-wagging. In this mode it doesn't seem to shut off, but I still can't get any connectivity. I've been unable to find any documentation online about what this means. I suspect some invasive serial/JTAG debugging will be required, but given that this I got this thing for less than $18 USD on eBay that hardly seems worth it. Thoughts?

Standard Netgear TFTP recovery is power up with the reset button pressed and hold down the reset button until the LEDs do something unusual. Then the router is a TFTP server at you will need to static IP your PC then use a TFTP client to put firmware to it.

There is also the special Netgear protocol nrmp on many models but never used it.

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I haven't been able to get a TFTP session at all. I've also tried nmrpflash in both normal and blind mode, with no success. Seems like the bootloader might be hosed too?