Netgear R6220/R6230 Documentation

Netgear provides the same firmware for both routers. I can confirm that I have insatlled OpenWrt on my R6230 following the R6220 wiki page without any problems. How should this be reflected in the supported devices documentation? Does there need to be something more concrete for it to be "officially" supported? I don't want to go and edit wiki pages randomly, but I think there should at least be a mention somewhere that installing OpenWrt is possible with the R6230.

I wouldn't consider it "random" to state that Netgear provides exactly the same firmware for both units and that states

This R6230 is likely internally identical to the Netgear R6220 since Netgear publishes a single firmware update for both models and no new FCC ID can be found for the R6230.

with an appropriate warning that, although successful on at least one unit, that it is at the user's own risk.

You could mention this on the 6220 devicepage and create a dataentry for the 6230.

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I bought a R6230 and can confirm that I was able to install Open WRT on my R6230 following the R6220 guide.

I'm unsure if there is more than one version, but my R6230 is a V1.0 and that is only noted on the sticker attached to the PCB, the bottom of the plastic shell makes no reference to a version number.

Comparing the R6230 PCB to a R6220 PCB there are a few changes:
The CPU now has a heat sink
The flash chip is now MX30LF1G18AC-TI : The only difference is it's 10ns faster
The Ram chip is now NT5CC64M16GP-DI : I couldn't find any difference between the two chips
The capacitor near the LEDs was changed/upgraded.
There is a new hole in the PCB allowing the plastic shell to clamp down as a mounting point for it. Only two screws are used to secure the PCB. One of which doubles as a case screw.


I can also confirm that I was able to use the "Apply factory OpenWrt image via OEM web-gui." option to install the R6220 firmware to my R6230 with no ill effects. All ports are working, 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi is working.

gochuonpire I think it's safe to update the wiki now. I'm not sure if there should be a separate firmware file for this device, that's up to the mods of the download page.