Netgear R6220 bricked after flash

Hello OpenWrt forum
I was using latest version of OpenWrt on my Netgear R6220 router.
I wanted to go back to stock firmware and I tried flashing the Stock firmware using the Web UI of OpenWrt where I checked the option that said "Remove all settings and user data"
After flashing, the router rebooted and never went online
When I turn on the router, the power LED never blinks. I see the LAN light blinking indicating exchange of data but the power light never blinks. After about 10-15 seconds, the router reboots on it's own and the cycle repeats
When I try pressing the reset button on the back, after about 5-7 seconds the WAN and WLAN lights start blinking simultaneously and the router does not reboot. In this case also, the power light does not blink at all.
I tried using TFTP in both the scenarios with multiple retries but I always get an error saying, "Unable to get response from server"
I also tried contacting Netgear Support but they have no idea on what is happening with my router and since it is out of warranty, they cannot help me with a replacement
I must tell you that I am not a hardware expert and hence I cannot rip apart the firmware chip of this router for a manual reflash
I request you all to respond to this query if you have any knowledge on what can be done next to bring this router back to life. I can even upload videos to share what is exactly happening with my router

Thanks in advance

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Hello All
I was able to restore the firmware back using the tool NMRPFlash available on the link below

It's by far the best Netgear Unbrick tool. I tried so many other tools and methods available on official netgear community website but none of them worked for me
If you get a forward counter with the message waiting (received keep-alive message) then don't worry just wait. Mine took 258 seconds after the flash was successfully complete and then I rebooted the device.
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