Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 - speed FTTH

Good morning,

i just connected my new FTTH ONT Modem to my Router's WAN-Port - its an R7800 with OpenWrt 22.03.0 r19685-512e76967f .

i booked 500 mbit down and 250 mbit upload. when i test this through my laptop that is connected via lan to the R7800 i "only" get 250 mbit download. Upload ist ok with 250 mbit.

the isp says the speed is correct booked and should be 500 down - so there must be an issue with my router.

is there something i could configure to get more speed?


By default you should get the maximum speed without any further config, one way to find out is to check the R7800 routing performance with another device connected to the WAN port (in a different subnet to trigger routing)

You may want to run a more current OpenWrt release.
Currently it's 22.03.4
If you prefer hardware flow offloading,
You can try the OpenWrt community releases by ACwifidude or apccv

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Can confirm that any iphone 11 and onwards using the speedtest app should saturate a 500/500 line on a r7800 straight out of the box on 22.03.3 and 22.03.4. I tested with software offload enabled but it doesn’t really matter.

If you don’t get this, even with wired, then I’m 100% sure the reason isn’t the R7800. Not a chance in hell. (Also it suspiscious that the DL is capped at exactly at 250mbs)

Thanks for the support. I upgraded to the acual openwrt version but i have still the same download-speed. i opened another ticket at the isp and hope they have alsow the possibility to measure the speed from their side. Or ist It possible for me to login to the Genexis ONT and see some line parameters?

load during speedtest ist not realy high. so i also think the router is not the bottleneck